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Friday, March 02, 2007

Heavy on the "Rambles"

I just finished mopping up a surprise remnant of the flood we had in the basement of the library branch I work at this morning (from other staff's reports, we had about an inch or two of water on the floor), so as a treat for dealing with the water and slime, I've been experimenting with Google's Blog Search feature looking for sock knitting blog posts. Recently I've been thinking I really should knit something other than socks sometime, but then socks are such wonderful projects; portable, relatively fast (says she who takes about a month to finish a pair) and I have such pretty sock yarn, why bother at the moment. I'll keep knitting them for the moment; a sweater can wait.

I actually haven't knit a sweater yet, something that shocked the ladies at the Sit & Knit last month. I had t explain that for four of the six years I've been knitting I was in university, and therefore if I was going to be knitting a sweater it would have to be in Red Heart, which I didn't want to do. In the last two years I've gone through various stages of employment (or unemployment) and it's only in the last year that I've really had the ability to...well, somewhat afford nice yarn.

There's also the issue of my being a plus-size, yadda, yadda. As I said, a sweater can wait.

So instead, it's socks, socks, socks, and I am unrepentant. Particularly as this way I can get truly yummy yarn without breaking the bank, like the ones I'm working on now. I also got more inspiration in the form of Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush via Inter-Library Loan.

Now hopefully, despite a leaky sink in the staff bathroom there won't be any more mopping to do. The fun of working at a small branch without its own on-duty maintenance person--all maintenance staff work out of the main library downtown. It's not something I'm not used to though; for a couple summers during university I worked at Hutchison House Museum in Peterborough, which was so small that staff--including the curator herself--were responsible for everything. If there was sweeping or dusting-- or mopping, considering Peterborough's penchant for flooding--or anything to be done, you did it. Working at a small branch is a bit like that, though we do have cleaners in the evenings, which helps.

Anyway, more experimenting to do. Google + Librarians = OTP!


  • At 5:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Blargh, that's why I rarely knit sweaters, too (although I have one OTN now)... it's so much more work to knit to fit my ample arse-end.

  • At 4:30 AM , Blogger Yarn Thing said...

    Preach on sister! I totally know what you mean about being plus size and not knitting a sweater yet. I am in the same boat so I too keep knitting socks. Isn't that funny how our minds work.

    For me it is kind of like going shopping for jeans. Hardly ever find a pair that fit but when I go to the shoe department...hallelujah...all the shoes fit! Same thing with knitted socks. Did that make any sense?


  • At 1:30 PM , Blogger Karen said...

    Kay - Same here, except with my it's my ample tum and my ample hips, and... (And blogger, it really does help if you send me notifications.)

    Marly--I know! Maybe it's just that your feet are a "perfect" size (ie. perfectly matching the dimentions of a size)? Though I think for me it's the forgiving-ness of ribbing that does it with socks, as shoe shopping is just as fun as clothes shopping for me.

    Also on a rather creepy note? I just found your podcast this morning, as I thought "hey, I should check for new knitting podcasts. Haven't done that in a while." However, I found it *before* you left this comment! *cue X-Files music*

    And eek, I really haven't updated this in a while. Must get on that later today!


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