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Monday, February 06, 2006

And the Blog Rises from the Ashes...Again.

Okay, as you can see, it's been a very long time since I used this thing. But in a moment of insanity, I think I've decided to see if I can actually hack having a knitting blog.

Now needless to say, this blog probably won't be updated very often--not like some of those post-a-day bloggers, because a) I don't knit that fast and b) I don't have a digital camera, so it's not like I can swamp you with pretty, pretty pictures.

But I figured I should probably have some record of my knitting, so I know what I've done and when, and all the little lessons and frustrations incurred during projects.

That being said, at the moment I'm gearing up for the Knitting Olympics starting on Friday. I still have to send in my name, etc. for the big list o'knitters, as well as officially join Team Canada, and of course get all the little buttons and things. Providing I can actually figure out how to get them on the blog.

For the Olympics, I'm doing a teeny bead-knitted pendant bag. 1.25mm needles, #8 perle cotton, and billions of #10 size seed beads. Will be stringing those babies tonight during 24. Though I'm not sure that's exactly the wisest idea (those that watch the show will understand why).

Now I just have to check my work schedule and see if I can actually watch the Opening Ceremonies live.

ETA: Figures I'll be working until 5pm that day. Will have to cast on when I get home and watch the ceremonies on the Newsworld repeat at 7pm that night.

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