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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Grr. Just had to resize the window and lost everything I'd been typing.

Anyway. As I was saying...

I've had a couple commissions in recent weeks--one of my classmates asked me for a Harry Potter scarf, and another has asked me to make her a couple pairs of socks. I started on the HP scarf on Friday, thought I only have a single colour stripe done. I was running around all yesterday, and have been trying out a couple stitch patterns today. Kind of thinking of making myself a sweater with Patons' Shetland Chunky--have some realy nice colours now that they've redone the line--and was thinking of doing a sweater with a simple repeating pattern. Not sure though--I've wondering if the stitch/pattern size of a chunky yarn will emphasize my somewhat chunky body type. :-) Must ask the ample knitters about that.

Speaking of chunky... One of my classmates has got me hooked on spinning. She gave me a small spindle and bag of roving and was showing my how to spin during class on Wednesday. I finished spinning the roving she'd given me that night (it's now a VERY slubby yarn!), and am now on the hunt for more. :-) I was thinking about approaching the curator of the living history museum I worked at last summer as I know they have a huge bag of raw wool, and a fair bit that's been washed. It's not of a great quality, but I don't want to buy nice quality and prettily dyed stuff till I have some tension control. I was thinking of making a deal with her: I card, spin and maybe dye the wool, and knit something for the house with it--was thinking of doing a shawl as those are always useful. I get practice, they get another (historically accurate!) addition to the costume collection.

I've also approached the curator about doing my internship there this summer, as well as a project idea. I'd like to design and give a children's program teaching knitting over the course of a few weeks. It's perfect for my course, as I'd have to design the program from scratch, and then I get a bit more experience with the education & interpretation part of Museum work. Besides, it gives me a good excuse to knit and look for knitting websites during work time. :-)

Anyway, that's me this week.