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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Been a while, I know.

Have been working on a few things, and have a million more ideas for things I'd like to knit. The Harry Potter scarf isn't finished--was moving very slowly for a long while, till I decided to try using a large circular needle instead of DPNs. I usually don't have problems with using DPNs, no problems with laddering, but for some reason (maybe the size) this time I could hardly knit at all with them before my hand would start cramping, and ache. No idea why. And they were laddering like crazy, no matter what I tried. Like I said, I haven't had problems using all sizes of DPNs before. I like using them, particularly for socks, as for me it helps me see where the different parts of the sock are--intep, gusset&sole, where I need to make decreases, etc. Didn't really have any problems with the other HP scarves I did last year, except that I did so many of them that I started getting sore spots (the beginnings of calluses I think) on my hands, which was really painful and made it hard to knit. Whatever, the scarf's going along tickety-boo now that I've changed tactics. I'm using an approximation of the "Magic Loop" method as I can't order the book, and it's not carried anywhere here. Besides, my made-up version is working just fine.

Also still working on a pair of socks for a friend. Made one pair but they didn't fit properly, so am doing another pair. The first ones are now mine, which works out fine as I was going to knit an identical pair for me afterward, anyway. :-)

Got Alice Starmore's "Aran Knitting" on the weekend and have plans to use a couple of her designs for a pillow, once I figure out if the row gauge will work. Love her translated-Celtic-knotwork designs, but don't have the money or time to devote to making one of the sweaters.

Have started my internship, and just today sent out the press release for my knitting program. Am slightly nervous now, as this is the first time I've put together and delivered an educational program all by myself. It's a slightly scary thought, but I must dive in headfirst, I suppose. And at least it's not like running the museum workshops--I know how to do the things I'll be teaching, won't have to ask my boss to show me how to do them beforehand, and it's something I enjoy. And something I think there will be a fair amount of interest in, if the Junior Volunteers from last summer are any indication.

Oh, finished my Snapefic! Had a couple lovely reviews when I finished, one or two from long-time readers (which is nice--shows people *have* been following it), and the sister of one of my friends from class (who is a really neat person in her own right, not just a friend's sibling) wrote a review for every chapter as she read it. Was reading it from the beginning the other night and I realized that I'm actually very proud of it. It's the longest story that I've actually finished (60,000 words!!) and published, and I think I did a really good job in my depiction of the canon characters (particularly Snape) as well as my original character; I made her human, with faults (both those she recognises and doesn't), good points and bad points. This is saying something, as I usually read my stuff later and either cringe or laugh at it, only seeing all its faults. If anyone actually manages to come across this and wants to read my fic, just go to
That's my profile page, with a listing of my stories. I've got a pretty good CSI ficlet there as well. I'm planning to expand on that one, as well as write a second book for my Snapefic, but I'm taking a break for the moment. I still need to chart out my CSI fic, and I'm waiting until "Order of the Phoenix" comes out before doing much work on my Snapefic, as it seems pointless to start working, and then have some of my work contradicted by canon in only a month's time.

So taking a creative break, while I focus on my internship. The fics will still be there when I decide to pick them up again.