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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mmmmmm, Cashmere.

More progress in projects to report. I'm working on a pair of wristwarmers/fingerless mittens/whatever you want to call them for the United Way raffle we're having at work. So far I've got one done and the other is about half done.

The evidence (without the ends woven in yet):

They're done in a spiral rib pattern on DPNs, sort of based on the ones in Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but I basically looked at the pattern and figured it out for myself instead of buying the book or getting it from the library. I got the idea when I was prowling my local yarn store and fondling some of the fancier blend yarns, thinking about making a shrug with them. I bought a couple balls of a couple different types to make swatches and then realized I could actually make something out of them instead.

The best thing? The yarn I'm using is a merino/microfibre/cashmere blend. Yes, that's right, cashmere (Rowan Classic Yarns Cashsoft to be specific). For me this is a big deal as a) it wasn't until this store opened last fall that we got such purty yarns as that out here in the boonies and b) it wasn't until I got a job last fall that allows me to afford stuff like that (in moderation) that I actually had the chance to buy nice yarn. Also because it's the texture of yarns I love the most and this is so heavenly soft.

So yes, anyway. I really want a pair of these now. I have a ball of burgundy angora/silk that I got the same day that I'll probably use, though I should probably go back and get another colour that will go with my coat better. Love having my fingers free though--makes it easier to knit outdoors when it's cold. ;-)

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Knitting Makes Everything Better

Eheheheheh, yeah. We can all see how well I'm doing at the posting-with-regularity thing.

Anyway. Today got off to a bad start (I was awake when my alarm went off, I swear! Why my body decided to go back to sleep until one hour after I was supposed to be at work, I don't know) so I decided I needed yarn therapy so I should head to the yarn store after work and hey, when was the last time I updated that knitting blog of mine?

So yes, here I am, and I bring pictures of a current project. ...Er, sort of.

Behold, yon Jaywalker socks in Regia Canadian Colours, colourway #...oh hell, I forget:

Or at least, yon Jaywalkers before I got as far as you see in the picture before I decided they were too tight and I'd never be able to get them on if I kept going, so both socks (I have 2 sets of DPNs in my sock-knitting sizes so I can do both socks at the same time) had to get frogged. The good news is that after starting over using the number of stitches for the larger size Jaywalkers, I've already got one sock about that length again, and the other... Well, okay, I'm about half done the ribbing, but the pattern section goes so quickly that it'll be that length again in no time. Particularly as that one is my carry-along sock: the one that gets stuck in my purse and tote bag and travels all over the city with me.

I am a shameless knitter-in-public. I take public transit everywhere, which, particularly in this town (where routes run every 30 minutes), means I spend quite a bit of time waiting at bus stops. Personally, I value not being bored more than I do not looking weird, so knitting at the bus stop it is then. Unfortunately I don't get to do it as much as I'd like around this time of year, as if I did, I wouldn't have fingers left to knit with thanks to frostbite. I also knit while on the bus (pointy sticks and a bigass tote bag are, of course, the best way to keep the weirdos from taking the seat next to you), sitting and waiting for movies to start...basically anything where you need to fill up a small amount of time.

I've pretty much been doing this since I started knitting, back in university (which is a story for another day), as I quickly learned it was a great way to have some quiet time to relax before lectures started, or during the 10-minute break most profs let us have during 2- or 3-hour lectures. As going to and from my residence in downtown Peterborough to the Trent University main campus meant at least a 15-minute bus ride, it was also a nice way to spend time on the Trent Express (provided I actually managed to get a seat).

I know some knitters have said that when they KIP they get weird looks, odd comments, that kind of thing. I have to wonder where these people live, as when I do it, if anyone's staring they usually look fascinated--or at least interested--and any comments I get are the usual, friendly, "oh, what are you making?" type. 99% of the time, as far as I know, no one really gives me a second glance.

I fail to see why knitting in public would be seen as weird, though. People read on the bus, listen to their iPods on the bus, stare out the windows and daydream... Knitting, really, it's just something to take up time in public, like anything else. Maybe it's because the people who make odd comments about it have some mental block about knitting being something you do at home, sitting in a rocking chair in front of a fireplace. Not something you do while sipping a peppermint hot chocolate in one of the comfy chairs at Starbucks, which is of course, one of my favourite ways to spend an hour on my day off.

And now that I'm finished ranting, it's off to medicate myself with some Irish Breakfast tea, cashmere/merino/microfibre yarn and Kiefer Sutherland kicking ass on DVDs of 24.

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