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Sunday, December 22, 2002

Still thinking on RPG post. I know if Jo comes on she'll be nagging me about it, but I want to get this right--besides, now that I'm home I'm spending a lot less time on the computer--mainly becuase the rest of my family are on it as well, but also because there's more to do. I'm not as alone as I am in Ptbo. This afternoon, Mom and I went to Niagara-on-the-Lake. I finally found a winter hat that suits me and wasn't expensive, and got a few little things for stocking stuffers, as well as a couple of the GREAT chocolate chip cookies at Taylor's Bakery.

Am nearly finished the shawl Mom commissioned me to make for my aunt for Christmas. It's a pattern from the Nov. 1864 edition of "Godey's Lady's Book" and I've made two of these already. They're really nice triangular shawls done in a variegated and a solid yarn, the increases in the middle making the rows run parallel to the two digaonal edges of the shawl, and making "V"-shaped stripes of solid colour against a variegated background. I used a plied navy/dk. green/burgundy mix with a burgundy solid in a fluffy boucle yarn. All I have to do is cast off and put the fringe on. Will post a picture as soon as I find the pic of the shawl I did for Mom last Christmas with the same pattern and colours.

Rented the "Fellowship of the Ring" DVD ast night--too bad they didn't have the Extended Edition for rent, though considering we only got it for one night maybe it's just as well. Still haven't eard back from Amanda (thought I haven't checked my email yet today) so I'm not sure when we'l see TTT. If I don't hear from her soon I'll go see it with my brother or even on my own and then see it again with her.

Still have to work on my Snapefic!

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Ah, there they go. Anyway, welcome to my blog. Trying this out to see if it's more convenient than Evil Live Journal. Anyway, I'm a Harry Potter/knitting/fanfiction/Lord of the Rings/history nut, so expect posts on any and all of those things. Sometimes combining a few of those topics in one item.


--"Shackleton" sweater (see the brown sweater worn by Kenneth Branagh in the movie of the same name for details. Mmmm, Branagh...)
--Hogwarts Uniform sweater (Gryffindor colours)
--patchwork/sampler afghan
--Candlelight lace shawl
--lace hose like those at the museum I work/volunteer at, Hutchison House

Damn, I wish I had money to do all that stuff. Am currently a university student so I obviously don't have a whole lotta money.

Must see Two Towers sometime VERY soon. Only reason I haven't gone yet is because a friend wanted to see it with me and am waiting to see if we can get together to see it (she's in Pickering, I'm in Peterborough/St.Catharines--a fair distance away. Haven't seen her in a while).

Am also kicking self for leaving copy of TTT (the book, duh) on the bus when I came home. Particularly as it's NOT MINE. Still haven't heard from Greyhound Customer service about it. Grr.

And HAVE TO FINISH SNAPEFIC. Almost done, just need to work on it. And write a post for RPG before friend kills me, though still have no idea where to start with next post.

Anyway, that's pretty much where I am at the moment.
Hrm. Links not changing for some reason. Grr.
First post! Yay!